Fransk Guyana


The overall risk environment in French Guiana is considered moderately low. As a French Overseas Territory, the country enjoys significant benefits in comparison with its regional neighbours. Principal risks stem from unrest associated with illegal mining, especially in border areas and the wider threat of organised crime on the continent. The country suffers regularly from flooding and already poor transport links can be severely disrupted after adverse weather.

Sundhed, sygdomme og vaccination

Several infectious diseases are sporadically reported or endemic in French Guiana. Among these there are Dengue fever, Yellow fever and Malaria.

A number of Dengue fever cases have occurred in recent years in French Guiana. Dengue Fever is a viral disease that causes flu-like symptoms and can be, in some cases, fatal. Dengue fever is transmitted by Aedes Mosquitoes. There is no vaccination for this disease.

Yellow fever vaccination is required for all travellers greater than one year of age. The disease is not as common in the region as it is in other parts of the world, but a certain number of cases happen every year.

Malaria is endemic in certain areas of French Guiana. Prophylaxis is recommended for all those travelling to French Guiana. Risk is greatest in the territories bordering Brazil (Oiapoque river valley) and Suriname (Maroni river valley).

Typhoid and Hepatitis B vaccine are recommended for everybody excluding tourists who are going to spend a short amount of time in Guiana and are not going to have contacts with the local population.

Insect and tick protection is fundamental in French Guiana. It is recommended to wear long sleeves, long pants, hats and shoes, particularly when travelling in internal areas of the country.

Tap water is extremely unsafe to drink unless it has been boiled, filtered or chemically disinfected before. Non-bottled beverages, drinks with ice, unpasteurised milk or any product that might have been done using it should be avoided. Fruit or vegetables should be avoided unless they have been peeled or cooked. Eating raw or undercooked meat or fish might be extremely risky. Some types of fish may contain poisonous bio toxins even when cooked. Barracuda in particular should never be eaten.

Most prescription medicines should be available in large cities, but virtually impossible to find in other areas of the country. It is always preferable to bring an adequate supply of medicines, clearly labelled. A letter from a physician, dated, signed and containing list of medicines and medical conditions should be included.

Medical facilities in French Guiana are limited. The level of medical care is quite low if compared to Western standards. Virtually no medical facilities exist in the south border area. Although basic treatments should be guaranteed to European citizens (producing the European National Insurance Card), everybody can expect to be asked to pay cash for medical treatments. This includes both travellers with or without a travel health insurance. Most doctors in French Guiana should be able to speak at least basic English.


French Guiana is part of the European Union as a French Overseas territory. EU Citizens do not need a passport in order to enter into French Guiana (they just need to produce proof of European citizenship). All non-EU nationals need a passport, which must to be valid for at least six months beyond the length of stay.


The concession of visas for French Guiana is controlled by the central government in Paris.

British citizens do not need a visa to enter into French Guiana. Citizen of the United States, Canada, Australia and several other countries do not need a visa for tourism visits up to three months stay.

Non-EU nationals who intend to work in French Guiana need a work visa. The procedure is different for short-term (up to 90 days) and long term visas. French embassies in your country of origin should be contacted in order to obtain more detailed information.

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for entry into the country.

Fransk Guyana
  • Hovedstad: Cayenne (pop. 55198)
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Tidszone: UTC−03

Landets alarmnumre

  • Politi: 112
  • Brandvæsen: 112
  • Ambulance: 112

Generel risikovurdering:


Landet er sikkert at rejse til. Der er generelt meget lille risiko.

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