Travel insurance

Select your travel insurance with care

It can be a jungle to determine whether you are properly insured on your journey or not. On this page, we aim to sort out some of the common questions when it comes to travel insurance, as well as to clarify the importance of choosing travel insurance with care.

General information about travel insurance

Most people today are aware of the importance of having travel insurance when traveling abroad. Still, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs deals with hundreds of cases per year where Danish citizens get in trouble because they were not properly insured when traveling abroad.

In many cases, travellers get into trouble because they forget that they need to be insured throughout the whole trip and that they are not fully aware of what the insurance they have actually covers.

The blue health insurance card

The Blue Health Insurance Card is valid in all EU countries, as well as Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. With the blue card, you are covered just like an ordinary citizen in the EU country you are traveling in. This covers treatment in the public health care system. When the locals pay for a treatment, so must you. Treatment at a private hospital will be at your own cost, when you only have the Blue Insurance Card. If you want to avoid out-of-pocket payments and be guaranteed treatment at private hospitals on your trip in Europe, you must have travel insurance.

When you are outside the before mentioned countries, the blue health insurance card is not valid. Then you will be charged for all health and medical care, unless you have a travel specific travel insurance covering this.

Help from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs can help travellers in trouble, but they never leave financial contributions. At best, you can borrow money, but you always have to pay back the loan. Since healthcare abroad can be very expensive and rapidly may reach sums of hundreds of thousand DKK it can become very expensive to travel without being properly insured.  

Therefore, we recommend anyone traveling abroad to check how they are insured, what the insurance covers and for how long the insurance is valid.

Cancellation insurance and travel insurance in credit and debit cards 

If you pay for your trip by debit or credit card, you usually get a cancellation and travel insurance for free. Usually it is sufficient to pay between 50 and 75 percent with your card to take part of the cancellation insurance and travel insurance available in the card. In some cases, however, the bank requires that you pay for the whole trip with the card, so be sure to check with your bank which rules apply before you book your trip. What is included in the various cards differs a lot. Some only cover for lost baggage and lack any coverage if you become ill or suffer an accident.

Which travel insurance should I choose?

Europæiske ERV has travel insurances suitable for most types of travels and travellers. Furthermore, you can buy additional coverage so your travel insurance matches your needs.

 Please find a short description of each insurance below.

Our Travel insurances


Suitable for all types of travel as they give you the opportunity to create an insurance based entirely on your own wishes and needs. 

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Suitable for all types of travels as it gives you the opportunity to create an insurance based on your wishes and needs. This provides our best coverage.

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When you are up to 35 years old you can choose this travel insurance and adapt it to fit your specific travel and needs, at a low price.  

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When you are up to 35 years old. A good basic protection including cover for luggage at a low price and applies if you plan to work part-time during the trip.

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Get your money back if something suddenly or unexpectedly happens that prevents you from going on your trip. 

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Holiday accomodation

Get reimbursed if you have to cancel the accommodation before the trip or if something should break in your rented accommodation during the trip.

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Group Travel insurance

When minimum 10 people travel together on a group tour, e.g. as a school class. This offers everyone in the group the same good basis protection.

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Technical equipment

Insure your technical equipment (cameras, laptops, etc.) against theft and damages. Applies in Denmark and the rest of the world.

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Visitor insurance

With this incoming insurance your overseas relatives and friends will have medical insurance throughout their stay in Denmark.

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Corporate Travel insurances

We also insure business travellers and personnel stationed abroad; both on day trips and longer stays.

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NOTE: If you need any help buying a travel insurance, please contact our customer support.

Compare the travel insurances

Find the travel insurance that best suited for you. See what our most popular travel insurances include in our insurance comparison, and choose the one best fitted to your needs.

The information is in Danish, but our customer service are happy to help if you have any questions regarding our products. Feel free to call us at 33 25 25 25 or send an email to