Corporate solutions

Business travel, expatriates and foreign business visitors.

Europæiske ERV specialises in business travel insurance and insurance for personnel stationed abroad. We insure business travellers and personnel stationed abroad for long periods of time, and are well aware of problems which may arise and what protection is required.

Our clients include both major listed companies and small to medium-sized businesses with business travellers and staff stationed abroad. Discuss your requirements and needs with us, and we will provide insurance cover tailored to your specific needs. 

What is included in the insurances?

Some areas are always covered, regardless of what insurance cover you choose. These include:

  • 24/7 cover for business travellers
  • Access to our Euro-Center service offices, which have been set up around the world

Corporate travel insurance

Companies with a high degree of business travels benefit from having an annual travel insurance, which covers all business travels for the entire year. An annual insurance secures, that the employees can travel safely worldwide. When the insurance is about to expire, you can choose to extend the insurance - and adjust it to fit new travel patterns in your company. 

Expatriate insurance

Europæiske ERV provides insurance cover for staff stationed abroad and any family members accompanying them. There different levels of insurance cover for expatriates, which can be customised to suit your company´s specific needs.